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PG32UQ random turn off and on.

Level 7

Just want to share my expirience. I've read the topic that is closed now

My monitor is connected with DP to Asus 3080 tuf. Changing from DP to HDMI solves nothing. My monitor is turning off and on in games and i have this problem since day 1 i've bought it. But recently i've solved it, sort of. For me the problem is very bad when i play Stellaris in native 4k. I've tried everything: locking refresh rate, various vsync settings, drivers etc. I've flashed my monitor to v034 firmware. Even thought that problem is with monitor overheating because same models sometimes have even active cooling.

But the problem instantly gone when i've disabled G-SYNC in monitor settings, not nvidia drivers. Since than everything works perfecty fine 2 weeks now. I don't know if this is the problem with monitor itself, or combination of monitor settings. But maybe this will help somebody and will help to narrow the search.