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PG32UCDM Setting

Level 7

Hello everyone, i have few question about this monitor ive buy yesterday

1. When i turn off PC , ROG logo stay on

2. When i look screen from both side it look brighter than i seat in front of screen

3. Do i need to enable in windows 11 HDR all the time before i play some game or is there easy option i just start game and have HDR, because when i turn on hdr screen is dimmed in Windows. 


Level 7

when i play call of duty warzone vrr is on and my hdr setting is disabled so i can play just like that, when im in building hdr is perfect and when i watch from door and window, but when im outside screen is like dimmed, map is dimmed too, when i disable vrr and i go true black hdr , map is not dimed , game outside too but when i look in sun its overexposed, did you have some advice? thanks

Change settings in Armoury crate app 
Then go to game visual and make every setting to high level 
Then it will work 

And yes most important , Plug in your charger and turn TURBO mode ON when gaming on Laptop 

Level 8

No its fine , Just enjoy ASUS