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PG32UCDM pixel cleaning tool

Level 9

Hey all, I already posted this on reddit but I figured maybe someone here might find it useful.

If you configure windows energy plan to set your monitor to sleep/stand-by after 5 or less minutes of inactivity (not screensaver)  and a pixel cleaning process is under way when that happens, the process will not complete if you are using DisplayPort, not sure about HDMI.

So I made a windows batch script (can be run manually or with task scheduler) that temporarily sets said timer to 10 minutes, finds the correct monitor index, starts a pixel cleaning via DDC command and sets the windows display timeout back to the original value after 6 minutes which should allow the cleaning to complete.


Level 9

great idea !

Thanks, I just hope the script saves someone a few clicks and most importantly, extend the life of folks monitors because god knows how many ppl aren't aware pixel cleaning is cancelled if the monitor is manually or automatically set to stand-by.