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PG32UCDM KVM USB Device Lag switching from USB-C to USB-B

Level 7

Have a wireless mouse (G Pro Superlight) and keyboard (wired) plugged into the USB-A ports in the monitor and use built in KVM. Have this issue where if I am using the KVM switch with USB-C and my laptop, mouse and keyboard response is fine. However, when I switch inputs back to Displayport (Desktop), my keyboard works but mouse experiences significant lag. This can last for around a minute before resuming normal functionality, and sometimes it requires me to restart my computer for the mouse to work properly. Mouse is connected via a wireless receiver to the USB-A port in the monitor. 

Note that I experience no device lag or delay while using my laptop over USB-C. Any advice on why this lag occurs during the input switch? Anyone else having this issue? I tried switching USB -C to 3.2 and 2.0 and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Working with latest firmware.