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Level 8

Hey all, 

Not sure if anyone has updated to the new firmware released today if not download is here:

I'm noticing that when using either HDR or SDR and playing a game, if I alt + tab out of the game all devices connected to the monitor via the USB ports reboot. Not awful but can be super annoying. 


Level 8


I made a mistake installing firmware. I checked Asus site and there was 302 and mine was 101. I installed it because that was only one. After that Asus site becomes available 102. Cant install that anymore. Am i still good or what should i do?

With this 302 firmware i noticed that in HDR mode screen saver and auto logo brightness wont stay on. Is it because i have wrong firmware?

You can rollback and try updating. Just a heads up I already tried this and the issue still persists for me. Seems that the AUTO KVM feature is at fault here, post from reddit goes into more detail:



Thanks. Now i have 102 installed. 

Level 7

Did MCM102 fix this for you? I had originally made the same mistake as you an installed MCM302, rolled back, switched to MCM102 and this particular issue persists. It happens whenever a display mode changes (hdr on/off, resolution changes, refresh rate changes, in/out of sleep states). 

I have my displays set to sleep after ~5 minutes, if I return to my pc, they wake and then I have no input for 10-15 seconds while the hub does it's thing. I thought maybe if you just turn OFF auto KVM, that would resolve it, but no, it happens with it on or off.

Need visibility on this one if we ever expect asus to correct it. Gaming monitor with massive delays in input when you tab in/out of games is a big problem.

Nahh sadly no change here either. KVM will always reconnect devices regardless of which mode Im in SDR/HDR. If its a fullscreen game and I alt + tab out, it will always disconnect/reconnect .

However, this issue was reported. ASUS is aware and working on a fix, check this post out ASUS rep response towards the bottom in the first page:

Level 8

102 didn´t fix nothing. 302 and 102 both works same for me. Hope new firmware comes quickly.