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PG329Q HDR Dynamic Dimming - 2 issues

Level 7

As mentioned in the title, I'm having couple of issues with my PG329Q when using Dynamic Dimming during gaming.

1. Backlight is intermittently flickering if refresh rate is higher than ~120Hz with Variable Refresh Rate on (G-sync compatible). No issues if VRR, or DD is off, even when overclocked to 175Hz.

2. On occasion, when staying in rather dim scene for a short while and then moving to a bright one (i.e. broad daylight), backlight stays fairly dim. Switching HDR off and on back again fixes it. Happens in Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. I'd imagine it's not limited to those games.

Since both issues would probably have to be resolved through firmware update I would also like to ask if it would be possible to also make a change so sRGB mode would have brightness adjustment unlocked, since as of right now it's locked at very dim level and unusable in bright environment for sRGB mastered content/games. I understand that changing brightness would probably affect calibration, but honestly I'm pretty sure for most people it would be an acceptable trade-off.
To avoid complaints from those for whom accurate calibration is essential maybe a short note in OSD (saying which brightness level is calibrated) would suffice?

If this would be changed (and maybe also to be able to adjust colour temperature in sRGB mode - wishful thinking, I know 😉 ) would make it really amazing all-around monitor.

Level 7
@Admin. Please delete this topic, as I've made a new, slightly expanded one in HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SUPPORT​ section.