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PG27UQ before i buy

Level 11
Hey people !

I have my mind in this PG27UQ and yes its expensive and what not.
And i have been reading alot and browsing the net. So i dont make any mistakes at this cost.

But i still want to hear you people in here regarding the PG27UQ

Atm i have 2 x 970 gtx but im waiting for the 1180. Or should i buy the 1080 ti card for the PG27UQ.
Or do i need 2 x 1080 ti cards..or should i wait and get 2 x 1180 cards ?

Can i still play my games in ect 1080p and still get the good quality picture ?

Im so much in doubt because in short time the new gfx model card will be released. aka the 1180 cards
So i feel its a wrong time to buy anything ?

I got my savings up for the hardware but i dont want to waste my money.
So this thread is a before i invest thing.

But please enlight me with details i should know

Im so worried about to get a PG27UQ that has backlight bleeding or buggers or worse

Level 11

Level 9
I got the PG278Q (2560x1440) back in Nov 2014 for my brand new gaming rig that I got earlier that same month. It was an upgrade from a Dell 24" 60hz monior. I think I was using a 970 GTX card at the time. Those cards had come out recently too. I was not able to play on max settings @ 144hz. I could tinker with a lower resolution, or lower settings, to bump up the FPS. Also that monitor is a TN panel, and is a lot darker than an IPS monitor.

I kept hearing good things about 21:9 Ultra Wide monitors giving a better imersive experiece. But it wasn't until one day I saw one in person at my local Fry's that I fell in love with it. Holy Smokes! They had a 34" curved monitor on display. It was either the ASUS one, or the ACER Predator. I forget which. Though both use the same panel. I soon bought the PG348Q (3440x1440) and upgarded to a GTX1080. Some games, can play with max settings @ 100FPS. But not all do. And again I have to tinker with the settings. I like to not go below 60fps. I have experiment with lowering the resolution, to try to up the FPS. But I didn't like how it looked.

The PG27UQ looks impressive. But, I'm probably going to get the next version ASUS 34" with HDR (1,000 nits). Whenever that comes out. I think I can use it on my current setup. Or I might need to get the next future version GTX1180 to handle it. Or at least up the FPS with higher settings.

What monitor are you currently using? Powering a 4k monitor, @144hz is going to need some serious, and expensive GPUs to deliver. You might want to try also checking out or

Level 7
I have the new PG27UQ.*

I have been running it on 1080tis in SLI.

One burnt out so now I’m down to just one 1080ti card.

One 1080ti can run most games well on ultra with AA off.

However, if you can wait, I’d hold out for 1180 or better 1180ti.

I can tell you the monitor is amazing. Never knew how much light bleed changes the picture until seeing this monitor.

The HDR results in the panel looking like you are just seeing through a window.

Battlefield with HDR is an experience to behold. I find myself getting killed from staring at the pretty scenery.

So after spending 2k on this monitor, I’m happy w my purchase. Btw I run mine at 98hz w gsync on with YBC444 color mode.

I upgraded from the PG27 ips 165hz monitor, which I also love.*

That’s my 2cents. *