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PG27UQ and Netflix UltraHD not working

Level 7
What can I be missing to get this to work?

- Running monitor in 4k / 10 bit color mode (tried 8 bit too, 60hz, 98Hz and 120Hz)
- HDR/WGR is on in Windows settings
- 2080 TI is HDCP 2.2 compliant
- Using Displayport
- Windows 10 has all the latest updates, gfx drivers are updated too
- Using Netflix Windows 10 app
- HEVC extension installed in app store
- I have the UltraHD $14/mo Netflix subscription
- Netflix set to high in playback settings
- Tried disabling 2nd monitor that isn't 4k
- Tried Microsoft Edge too just in case since it supports 4k too
- 200/15 internet connection, no ISP throttling

I can't get UltraHD options to show up in the Netflix app and I can't think of what else I am doing wrong. Anyone get UltraHD (4k) working? The HDR option is showing but the resolution is only HD (1080p).


Level 7
Anyone had success getting 4k UHD working on their monitor? It's really bumming me out as there's some content I want to watch but want to figure out how to watch it in 4k first.

Level 14
Unless I'm wrong the monitor may not complaint with required specs. I don't know if the Netflix app is complaint either, I thought you have to use Microsoft Edge for 4K

The app is compliant but I tried edge too.

Level 14
Is the monitor HDCP 2.2 compliant? I own 2 Benq 4K monitors which are not compliant for movies and so will not play back netflix or Amazon 4K movies in 4K, only full HD 1080p.
If you were connected to a 4K television it would play back in 4K, I am not sure which if any monitors are compliant at this time.

Yes it is HDCP 2.2 compliant. I still can't figure this out and it's driving me nuts.

Has anyone gotten UltraHD (4k) to work on this monitor with Netflix?


Level 14
Just stating the obvious ...
Netflix has recently restructured its services so there's now 4K subscription tiers, if you aren't paying extra for 4K then they aren't allocating more bandwidth to deliver 4K. If you just signed up for your UltraHD then it might take a little while for it to kick in.

And the not-so-obvious ...
Many ISPs implement some type of "Wireless Experience Video Optimization" which will conserve bandwidth by compressing streaming video content into smaller resolutions and lower qualities when they detect (or assume) your hardware doesn't support greater capabilities. Mostly for mobile device users. But it can interfere with more robust platforms. Details vary from ISP to ISP and from region to region so you gotta google around to determine if it's an issue (and if there's a fix) for you.

Test if any other wired and wireless devices on your network can stream 4K, if the problem only affects one machine then you know it's not your gateway/router or anything else upstream on the network. If you can "borrow" somebody else's known-to-work 4K Netflix login for a few quick tests then you'll know whether or not it's your service account. You can test by streaming some 4K vids off YouTube to determine whether your machine has some hardware/driver issue preventing 4K playback. Test a different DP cable if nothing else works.
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Level 7
I dont know if you ever worked this out mate but i just did took me all of ten mins playing round ,The reason that UHD is not working for you is i bet you have Stream HDR Video set in windows RIGHT!! under "PC settings/system/" if so then turn that off ,You will need to download the Netflix APP to get it working it wont work on google nor any other browser , Once downloaded and installed sign in then look for UHD and there you go working in UHD , The reason it would not work before is the app or browser for Netflix would see that you had windows set to stream HDR then forcing it to work only in HDR with it disabled it works UHD .

Good luck ..