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PG27UQ & Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Win 10 HDR - Exit game then left side black

Level 7
I just received a brand new PG27UQ monitor on Friday. Everything seemed good. I watched 3dmark which ran fine. Diablo III played fine. I then played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare after turning on HDR in Windows 10 Display Settings.

When I exited the game, I had about 40% square starting from the top/left that looked like it was extremely burned in. EVERYTHING was dark when positioned in that area. I tried the following:

1) Power cycle monitor by using the power switch. No change. The monitor icon was half yellow/half white.
2) Rebooted my pc. No change. Even the bios screen was dark on the left side.
3) Un-installed, re-installed nvidia graphics (clean install option), no change. Driver 442.59 dated 3/10/2020.

I started to freak out. My monitor was installed and running for just 3 hours. That's it.

4) I figured I'd try a power cable reset on the monitor. I unplugged the power connector and plugged it back in. It finally reset itself.

I was trying to figure out if there was a way to re-create the problem. It turns out it has to do with Modern Warfare and HDR turned on in Windows 10. Every time I exit the game the same thing happened. Each time I had to unplug the monitor to reset it.

Can anyone else confirm this happens on their monitor with HDR ON? Or is mine defective?

Running Asus ROG Maximus Wi-fi MB, Asus Strix 2080ti (3 fans), and Asus PG27UQ Monitor under Windows 10 64 bit. No windows updates are available to update.

I even tried installing the monitor driver recommended by Asus Support Chat and it made no difference. If I don't use HDR then when I exit Modern Warfare it exits normally without the black screen.

Screenshot of problem after exiting COD: Modern Warfare with HDR ON: