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PG27AQN Questions and cosiderations

Level 7
Hi to all, i want to try this monitor but i have read horrible reviews about the ghosting and inverse ghosting at max and low refresh rate.
My questions:
Why make a so bad overdrive tune when u have the g-sync module too?
What's the sense of having so fast monitor and g-sync module and got like 30% overshoot?
Why the price is so high for a product that has this flaw and oleds are on the corners?
And more important you can't adjust the overdrive/g-sync setting because the firmware update it's not possible with the module...

MY last question using overdrive to Off and sett max refresh rate to 240 make anyway faster than other ips (this one is the first ultra fast ips) so it's viable?

thanks for helping and for the next i hope discussion about this good monitor that could be the best

Level 7
up, really no one has this monitor?

up someone help pls