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PG27AQN issues

Level 7


I have the new Asus Rog PG27AQN, over all this monitor is good but there are two issues that need to be addressed in the next firmware. 

Issues 1

The monitor is unable to go into the stand by mode, after the the computer is powered off. In Manual it states after 10 min it goes in stand by, but that is not true. When i power the computer off, the lights and fan continue to run indefinitely. This is concerning because it puts the fan on the back of the monitor in a state where it never turns off and i can only assume shortening its life span. All my drivers are up to date. My PC spec are bellow:

Win11 Pro

Ryzen 9 5900X

Asus RTX4090

32 GB Ram 

Issue 2

When using the 25 inch mode on the monitor, we get notification on the screen when we switch resolutions or tab out of the game we get the "To enable 25 inch mode please switch 1080p on source...." notification. This is very annoying and we need option to disable it. We do not need to be prompted for this constantly. I have certain games like CS2 that i have selected to play at 1080p and when i tab out of the game to desktop which runs 1440p it prompts that message every time. Its very annoying and we need ability to turn it off in the settings or remove it all together. 


This i a great monitor but it could be even better if these issues get fixed by Asus. I am surprised that these were not discovered during testing at Asus given the price of this monitor. This is a premium monitor and it should have been addressed from day one.








Level 8

Since when does the PG27AQN have a fan? I do recognize standby mode is very slow, haven't timed my own one but several minutes at least.

Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z-690-F GAMING | CPU: i7-12700KF | RAM: 64 GB DDR5-6600 CL32 CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM | GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3080Ti | PSU: Corsair HX1000i | Case: Corsair 5000D AIRFLOW | Cooler: Corsair h150i ELITE CAPELLIX | Storage: Samsung 980 PRO 1TB | Storage 2: Samsung 870 EVO 1TB | Storage 3: WD BLUE 7200 RPM 2TB