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PG27AQN firmware update on laptop

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Hello, I recently received the PG27AQN in the hopes I would be able to acquire the firmware update for this monitor. However, when I opened the installer I would receive an error each time telling me that my monitor was not connected. Looking in device manager on windows it seemed that the reason for this was because the monitor was not actually being picked up despite the screen working perfectly fine, which I can attribute to the fact I was using a USB-C thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable. I have to use this cable because I am running the monitor off of a gaming laptop that does not have any DP ports built in. However, I then found out that my laptop has a mini DisplayPort connection, so I then purchased a mini-DP to DP cable to use for the monitor. After connecting the new cable I once again looked in device manager and was glad to see that the PG27AQN was showing up correctly under the monitors tab. But once again when I attempted the firmware update, I was told that the monitor was not connected. This is the only connected monitor and I am running the firmware updater with administrator privileges as described in the user guide. After looking online, it seems that the reason I am unable to run the firmware updater is because the PG27AQN needs to be your only connected display and also needs to be your main display in order for the firmware updater to work. Due to the fact I am technically connected to a laptop, this is impossible for me to achieve because the built-in display of my laptop will always show up as active within Windows, even if I have the PG27AQN set to my main display in Windows settings. I even tried disabling the built-in display in device manager but got the same result as I have gotten in all previous scenarios.

Here is the message I see on the firmware updater: "Unable to enumerate GPU/Display configuration. Ensure that your G-SYNC monitor is powered on and directly connected to your GPU via DP cable and retry."

Is there any way I can possibly update the firmware with all of these things in mind? Nobody in my house has a computer with DisplayPort functionality so I cannot simply connect to another device in the meantime to receive the firmware update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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As per the FAQ the update requires that the monitor be connected via DP as the process stipulates needing to execute a sequence of images across the bus. As far as I know, there's no way around this is if wanting to update the firmware.

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