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PG27AQDM startup and pixel cleaning

Level 7

Hi, as some1 alroeady pointed out in a pixel cleaning topic nicely, id like to remind u of it can u give answer pls:

"Also an issue I would like to report regarding this monitor, Its kind of slow on booting up so the monitor is all black and first image is only shown once I reach the Windows login after a reboot. It skips bios post and Windows logo loading. I feel like this shouldn't be happening. Not even sure I can actually enter bios (didn't try)."

also that black frame of the monitor of which some1 was already complaining"  -> i agree with the topic.. it was weird for me as well.

i dont know where is the "edge" of my screen and it is frustrating. idk maybe u cant manufacture it otherwise..



Hello Vdd13X

I just got this monitor about a month ago and it is an awesome gaming monitor, games never looked or played so good.

Slow booting can be caused by a number of things. If you have an AMD motherboard, try enabling Memory Context Restore, this is found in the bios on the DRAM Timing Control Page.

You can also try disabling fast startup.

fast startup.png

What is it you'd like to know about the pixel cleaning? I get a message that asks if I want to perform pixel cleaning, if I'm gaming, I select no then run pixel cleaning when I'm done playing.