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PG279QM ELMB Sync and ASCR

Level 7

I'm the owner of a PG279QM monitor which i purchased to replace my excellent PG279Q .

I need guidance on how to activate some features and would appreciate a link or reference outlining what is available on the monitor as the manual is very thin on info. Having a feature that is not available in a certain mode disappear rather than be greyed out means I'm unable to determine what can be accessed .

In particular I wish to try the ELMB Sync function and the ASCR function.

I've been operating the monitor in racing mode, and sRGB clamped, with overdrive set to normal (minimal overshoot) and backlight dimming off.

I welcome some guidance and instruction on how to achieve this!
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Level 7

I upgraded to this display coming from a PG279Q too. I think there isn't an option for ELMB and ASCR.

Check out Hardware Unboxed's video to get some more in depth settings and sepcs.