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PG279Q Won't Go Above 85Hz

Level 7
Hey Everyone,

After this display working perfectly fine for the past year, it has suddenly developed an issue. After moving my computer and monitor back to school, I can no longer display anything above 85hz. Sometimes I'll turn on the computer and I'll only have the option of 23 or 24hz, which I'm unable to get out of for days at a time. Other days, it'll boot up into 85hz, but won't go anything higher than that. I'm using DisplayPort obviously, but HDMI works totally fine, and outputs at 60hz like it should.
I've tried:
1. Power Cycling the monitor
2. Power cycling the computer (a lot)
3. Reinstalling Drivers
4. Changing the DisplayPort Cable
5. Resetting the Monitor Settings
6. Trying a different GPU (1080ti)
7. Changing power settings in windows
8. Changing resolution to see if different hz settings appeared (they didn't)

I've probably tried more than that, but I can't remember. Has anyone else had these issues? Or does anyone else have ideas? It's very odd that this has just started occurring out of the blue. Any help would be appreciated!


Level 9
This is a weird issue which is above my knowledge to resolve. Have you made any progress?

Level 11
I would've guessed DP cable or power settings (your #4 and #7), looks like you've tried those.

Regarding Windows power settings can you describe what you've tried, and what version Windows? And are there any power settings for your video driver? Please mention your advanced Windows power settings.

Could be the monitor is just going bad.

Level 13
Can you please list your full specs.

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It was the monitor. I had a chance to test it on another one and everything works fine.