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PG279Q Service Repair

Level 7

I've scratched my monitor's mat coating and since this monitor isn't available to purchase here in Australia anymore, would anyone know if it's worth sending in for repair and if so how much it would cost?

I contacted ASUS support and they wouldn't provide me a quote and said I'd have to send it in first. This is my only monitor and I don't really want to be without it for days, just to send it away and get told it might not be worth it, or is out of my budget to repair and then for them to send it back. I Just wan't to save time for myself and them.

Would anyone know the cost or if it's worth it?



I don't know an exact amount but it's likely very high. The panel is usually the most expensive part and a deep scratch or crack means complete replacement.
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I think it will be costly just as the above user says. Depending on where you live the repair can take all from 7-21 days with travel. Does the scratch annoy you? if it is not to bad, then I would say try to live with it and save up for either the repair or an entirely new monitor... I kow how you feel btw, since I have the exact same monitor and they can´t be found anywhere anymore!

If the scratch was not your mistake, then you should RMA, if another person did it, then insurance (your own insurance might even cover it, depending on the reason you damaged it) I would seek out those options before resorting to full repair and payment for it.

Level 7
I have the same problem... I used vaseline to cover up as no warranty is provided as I am aware for this kind of issues 😞