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PG279Q refresh Rate problem.

Level 7
hello hello,
I just got the Creators update which put Nvidia driver 8205 on my machine.
I have the monitor set to 165 Hz . This is also set the same way in Nvidia control panel. Gsync is also set to full screen and windowed mode.

When I am not in game the monitor's counter reports 165 Hz.
Every time I enter the game I play, the monitor reverts to 60Hz and all I can get is 60 FPS
The game also has its own FPS counter which reads 140 FPS or better

It didn't do this before, Before I had driver 376.60 (hotfix driver) and both counters (monitors and built in games) were synked.
I can tell from game play I am only getting 60 FPS.

What do I have set wrong?

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi bobbagels,

Which game are you playing? Is ULMB disabled via the OSD? You can quickly check the button/power indicator to see if G-SYNC is on.
White = On
Red = G-SYNC
Yellow = ULMB
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