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PG279Q "FPS Counter" question for owners of this monitor

Level 10
Hi all,

I purchased my monitor back in October 2017 and had no flickering or g-sync related problems (like the vertical line down the middle of the screen.) Unfortunately I had other problems with it so I had to send it in for repair back in September this year. I received back the same monitor with a new panel and g-sync module and now not only am I getting the vertical line in the middle of the screen problem (as detailed here: but I'm also getting massive flickering from g-sync now too. I've confirmed something about the module is very different and I'm hoping it's from old firmware so it'll maybe get fixed when I get back the updated monitor.

The problem with flickering is when the fps is low, like on a loading screen, the g-sync module forces the monitor to stay at 10 refresh/fps count instead of dropping down to 1-9 as it used to. A test for this is like follows:

1. Open up Half-Life 1, or any game with an fps limiter that can go sub 10 fps
2. Turn on the PG279Q "FPS Counter" in the monitor menu
3. Set the fps limit to say 5 and see if the monitor's FPS Counter goes below 10

I'd appreciate anyone with this monitor doing this test real quick and reporting back if their FPS Counter stays stuck at or above 10, or if it can go below to meet the true FPS. My original PG279Q pre-RMA could go down to 1, and the 2nd monitor I had bought at the time and didn't send in for repairs still goes down below 10 if it needs to. Fingers crossed this monitor I get back has this problem solved so I get no flickering or other g-sync issues anymore.