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PG279q problems

Level 7

I had a ASUS VH242 24" TN monitor for some years, it was a good cheap monitor but had some color problems and some minimal backlight bleed, nothing to noticeable.
In my desktop I game, I watch movies and I do some amateur photo and video editing,

I wanted to upgrade my old monitor but I was in doubt between the PG279Q and the PG278QR, what made me go for the PG279Q was the recomendation of some reviewers for the IPS color fidelity of the PG279Q.
In my country it cost me 827€. It's too high a value for me, but I got it together.
For this kind of price I was expecting top quality from ASUS, as I'm used in the past. Even though I knew it was a risk. On the internet it is said that these monitors sometimes come with problems.

But the monitor arrived and I'm very disappointed. With a ghosting problem and a backlight bleed problem. In gaming I don't notice this problem but watching movies or photo editing dark photos it's very noticeable. I have already lowered the brightness to 15 and the problem is little less noticeable.

I have two questions:
1 - My monitor came with the stand already assembled, but in the instructions I was supposed to assemble the stand, Also it did not bring any stickers it only had a plastic cover over it's screen, Is this normal?

2- Is this a normal thing for this monitor? Should I keep it, or should I return it?

I took some pictures, in the pictures the problem are a bit more noticeable than ir real life, but it's close enough to see the problems.

Compared to my old monitor

Watching movies

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi HugoNabais,

The PG279Q does come with the stand assembled, the instructions are helpful in case you'd like to use a wall/desk mount. However, it should come with stickers on the screen, so it sounds strange. Please private message me the serial number of the monitor and the place of purchase. If you are not happy with the monitor, you should ask for an exchange and express your concerns.
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I do have the exact glow spot on the top right of the monitor. I don't see it when I play colourful games but when I play games like doom for example it is noticeable. I'm thinking of replacing it just for that. Not really sure though as the rest of the panel its nearly perfect.

Just to clarify, the case was sealed by asus tape. And the stickers I found them in the box loosen.

Maybe I could live with the small top backlight leak but the low right corner ghosting is very distracting. I will see what my retail store allows me to do.
I'm afraid of exchanging it for another PG279Q and have a similar problem!

Level 8
Have you tried setting your blue light features to level 4, on top of adjusting your brightness? That'll help with the backlight bleed.