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PG279q matrix problem

Level 7
Hi guys. There is such a problem. Found a region (spots) on the screen, which are slightly lighter. These spots are visible on any light color of the fill, especially on white, and they can be seen only if you look at the screen at an angle, if you look directly at the screen they are not visible. On the black fill and very dark colors, these spots are not visible. Also I precisely checked up it not a dirt or still what or external pollution. There is a screenshot ( Tell me please this defect matrix and is it a guarantee case?

Level 7
Hello D1ehard
I can't determine whether it's a defective unit or not from your photo
If you bought it just a few days ago, I would suggest to return this unit and ask for a replacement if you can (policy may vary due to country and retailer)
Or send it for RMA, our engineers will analyze this further more.
Thank you

I will do as you said thank you