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PG279Q IPS Glow or BLB, should I return?

Level 7
Hello helpful republic folks, I'm new to this forum and my name is Dennis.

A week ago I bought a PG279Q which is an extraordinary monitor but I started noticing issues with IPS glow / BLB.
Especially when I was playing Dishonored 2 at night with low room ambient lighting(but no pitch black). I have no problem spotting any issue if I place myself 50 cm from the monitor and I don't move at all but heck the moment I move a bit, the color at the right down corner of the monitor has a lot of glare and I'm losing color accuracy(that is if the game I'm playing has dark environments).
The reason I'm writing this post is because I'm split between keeping it or returning it for a replacement and since you guys have a lot of experience in this , I'm keen for your advice.

I've attached pictures after different lighting conditions and amount of time the monitor is on.(Brightness 48, Contrast 42).

I didn't want to hijack another thread of this as it will not be fair for the other guys having the same issue as me.
I would really appreciate it if you can give me your thoughts guys.

Thank you very much!

ps: pictures might be upside down(thanks iphone) so you may need to be batman to view em properly.

Level 7
Question you should ask yourself is those it bother you when browsing web or gaming. I have some bleed as well but I never notice it in normal use. It does look excessive a bit but u should know there is always a chance you getting worse panel as a exchange.