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PG279Q G Sync/Indicator light and FPS counter issue

Level 7
I have had this monitor for about a month now, and haven't had any issues until today. For some reason, the indicator light no longer turns red while I have G Sync enabled. In the Nvidia control panel, I have the monitor set as both primary and focus (I am running two different monitors), G Sync is enabled, and the refresh rate is set at 165hz. My main concern is whether G Sync is actually enabled, since the indicator light no longer turns red as it did until now. Another odd issue that occurred is the FPS counter is stuck at 165hz while gaming, which I know I am not running at full-time (used another FPS counter to confirm this).

Main questions: Do you believe I am still running G Sync, even though the indicator light no longer turns red, and are there any ideas on how to fix the indicator light/FPS counter?

Any ideas are appreciated! I will attach some pictures to show the settings in the control panel, and if it matters, I am using two 980 ti's in SLI, which are capable of using G-Sync.

Level 9
You are in Normal mode not GSync. here a picture with Gsync enabled


I never noticed the change from Normal to G Sync at the top of the menu while it was working.. thank you for the confirmation! I will try taking the monitor to another desktop that is capable of using G Sync before I mess with the drivers on my current desktop. Has anyone else had this issue? I am using the current GeForce drivers (361.43), and running two 980 ti's in SLI. The PG279Q is plugged into the DisplayPort of the first (top) card, and the 2nd monitor is plugged into the DVI of the first card. G Sync was working fine until Sunday, when I turned the computer on from sleep mode and the PG279Q had been disabled in the display settings for some reason. Ever since then, the G Sync hasn't been working and the FPS counter is stuck at 165.

Any comments/suggestions welcome! I will try to find another desktop that is capable of using G Sync to test the monitor on. Will reply with the result once I find one!

Well, managed to solve the issues! Ended up doing a clean install of the Nvidia drivers, and now the indicator light is showing red and the OSD shows G Sync Mode being enabled! It even fixed the FPS counter issue.. not sure how, but I'll take it! Thank you again for the help!