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PG279Q Deep Sleep often not kicking in

Level 7
Hey there,

as the title says, my PG279Q (at least half of the time) does not go to sleep when Deep Sleep is activated. Currently I'm using a Nvidia GTX 1080 and prior a 1070 - same behavior. I also RMA'd two other PG279Qs because of image issues, but all three suffered from this issue, too. The Screen simply stays on (white LED is active), when the graphics card goes into standby. Sometimes the screen really switches off, but most of the time it doesn't. I really do not want to RMA the PG279Q again (panel lottery :D), but want to understand, what could cause this. 🙂 Tested another screen, which goes into standby every time.

Level 13
What happens when you leave the monitor on an shut the PC down?
There is no command to the monitor for it to sleep, it simply depends on the loss signal from the graphics card.

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Level 7
Yeah, that's the strange thing. If I shut the pc down, the screen goes into standby - if the graphics card goes into standby, the screen doesn't alwady do it, but sometimes does.