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PG279Q & Battlefield 1: big horizontal stripes. Monitor or game issue?

Level 7
Hi. I have the PG279Q. It is set to 144 Hz. Gsync is on. At Battlefield 1 at the spawn menu animation and on the mortar animation from the Dreadnoght i have seen big horizontal Stripes on the screen (like the Picture Shows) and I am asking myself if they are directly from the Battlefield game or an issue from the monitor with some colours which not often appear. What do you think? Also blue light filter was on Level 1 I think, I haven´t tried it without that because I can´t plan when the stripes appear, but If i see it appears often in a game I will also try that.

Thanks for help!

PS: Is that maybe the issue? Then I would need a firmware update, right?
Btw it says my monitor was produced in march 2017

Level 7
ah, it is from the game. second monitor from samsung showed the same bright stripes. Damn nobody sees it without me and Dice will never fix it.