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PG278QR overclock not working

Level 7

As the title says, I have a PG278QR which has overclock feature to push it to 165 hz, which did work previously, but for a few months it's not really been working. 

I have 2 screens, one running 60 hz as a secondary screen, which I have had to unplug out of my gpu to be able to use 165 hz overclock, so I thought must be my gpu starting to age, which by the way was working just fine before. Few months go by I upgrade my computer, which now has 14900KF and 4080 Super in it, and STILL it does not seem to work. If I select the overclock option the screen reports "No displayport signal", if I reboot my computer the screen works fine, up until Windows log in screen which is when it will give me the same message. So I am going on a limb here and assume this is some Windows problem.

I have tried a different cable, which clearly isn't the issue since it seems to work on boot.

Any ideas?


Level 7

Okay, so I don't exactly know if this was the cause, but I had a DVI to DP cable from my 60hz monitor connected, and I switched it to HDMI instead and now my 165 hz monitor seems to work lol.

One other thing you might watch out for is when you update your video card drivers.  Every time I update mine, I have to re-enable my custom resolution from Nvidia's standard resolution.

Have a Good One! 😎