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PG278QR G-sync update denied

Level 9
So i send my monitor for G-sync update because i have vertical line issue and lots of people here suggest if there is problem just send it to asus. So i did and they said the fault did not occur. So they send it it back. And next time i should send some proof of my problem. I told them i print foto with it and put it inside box. They didnt reply on that and next time i should send video.i really don't get it. So many people have similar problem and ROG Swift PG35VQ recive public G-sync firmware. So just why not i guess

Level 7
Honestly, Asus has some hit or miss customer service. I had flickering lines on my PG258Q. They sent me a new monitor. The new monitor developed a flickering as well. Second time they acted like I was a thief trying to take advantage of their RMA system. I even sent them a picture of the issue. Now, the warranty has passed and I am stuck with a flickering monitor. It's almost like they were trying to deny my RMA JUST because the warranty was a few months from expiring.

My monitor also has the occasional line down the middle issue. So did the original one that I bought.

Needless to say, I do not plan on buying ANYTHING from Asus in the future. I used to buy ALL of my motherboards and monitors from them. I even bought a 2080Ti from them... Yeah, I've thrown a lot of money at them over the years and now they are going to get ZERO in the future from me.

Level 7
To follow up on my post above, I did in-fact just buy a new 240Hz IPS to replace this Asus monitor that they never fixed... An ACER 240Hz IPS monitor.