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PG278Q Vertical Lines / Pixel Inversion / Inversion Artifacts

Level 7
Since the other thread does not provide pictures of the problem and is about a "3D Mode", this one brings pictures of the problem and does not affect only the 3D Mode, it happens most of the time in-game and frequently

How to reproduce the test below

resolution: 2560x1440
browser used: Google Chrome
game used: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Test1: Browser Test

In this test I'm maximizing the browser, I'm connecting this link, clicking 'Next' to be positionned on 'Current: 1' and moving the browser's horizontal slider from left to right and right to left repetitively. You will notice the lines on screen:

Test2: Fullscreen 2560x1440 In-Game Test (the refresh rate does not matter)

They are more difficults to notice in a fully rendered game for a movie to catch them, your eyes will see them, as in the video below where I'm catching the Steam overlay to briefly flash with this lines effect

In the above video you will notice at exactly 8.525sec. this:

Here is a closer look of what is happening, managed to record my taskbar showing vertical lines as it is the best reliable place I could find to reproduce the problem, notice in the video below the green pixel lines, they are the one I'm able to see

In the video I'm minimizing/maximizing repetitively the browser test (explained previously) to show the lines (better seen in the video)

Zoomed taskbar without vertical lines:

Zoomed taskbar with vertical lines:

Zoomed taskbar Video:
You clearly notice some lines of pixels are no more colored uniformly, when the pixelized picture is shown, some are colored green and they are gone when the picture is hidded, this is the vertical lines effect zoomed to max I can

Since the other thread did not get a reply except a user sending it units to Asus and Asus replying they did not catch anything bad after stress testing it, what could you answer on this ?

Not complaining, I love this monitor but I would like to know if it is a special problem of MY monitor or a major problem affecting all the units ?

Level 7
it seems some people at are reporting getting ride of this issue just by changing the original supplied cable DisplayPort to a higher quality cable. Will report back if I fixed these issues like that too.

Level 7
Surely it can't be as simple as the supplied Displayport cable being poor. :S I'll be interested in hearing your results in either case.

Level 7
Just got one on amazon prime I should get it tommorrow, took a expensive belkin one but at least it is certified DP based on this list found here

From this article 'bad cable exists' so maybe we got one with the swift, the brand of the supplied cable I got is Amphenol, still showing a certified DP cable in the list so I'm not sure too

//edit: added to it the gold platted Cable Matters DP 6ft. cable so I will have two to test, one expensive non gold platted and one cheap but gold platted

I also have a PG278Q and I have also the problem of vertical lines. For your information, I have tried to change the standard cable to a high-end (Displayport 1.2 , Twisted-pair cabling, Gold-plated connectors)
and I have unfortunately still the same problem.
Waiting for your result with the BELKIN cable .

Level 7
After trying a couple of different high end displayport cables, I can assure you its not the cable. I need someone to check something. For all the people that are having this issue, can you drag one of your windows (any program doesn't matter) to either the top left or top right corner of the monitor. Because I noticed that the entire right corner is free of this issue. 42361

And this is the right side without the issue.

I too just built a very high quality PC and am running 2 x GTX 980's in SLI with custom EK waterblocks on them.

When connecting up to what I thought was the ultimate in Gaming monitors -- ASUS ROG PG278Q 27" - I noticed in the bottom right hand corner a lot of horizontal lines. As I looked closer, it seems the whole screen is like that, but very noticeable towards the edges.

Now if I compare that to when I had this monitor connected to a AMD R9 290x @ 120Hz -- there was no issue at all and text appeared very clear!
Text is jagged now and it doesn't matter about the type of cable, length of cable or adjusting Cleartype in Windows - None of it makes a difference at all!

This is very dissappointing, especially when you pay a premium for this monitor - you expect more!

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Im not sure what is up with mine today but my inversion problems have been pretty bad, yet today for some reason I have noticed almost no inversion at all, believe me I know what im looking at when I see it. But today its like the inversion was gone and im pretty sure its not my eyes because the 3d in all games looked very crisp, I hope it stays that way but im not holding my breath on it. Very strange how it could go like that on its own. Im pretty sure it will come back. I did install new NVidia drivers that came out today but I don't think they will have anything to do with it what so ever.

Level 7
Thanks guys for sharing, very appreciated. @sunnyd119 I did your test, but I can't see them with my eyes on the desktop.

I really see the lines clearly when doing the browser test, even without moving the slider I see some lines appearing at the bottom of the browser window, just on the taskbar. Probably each monitor has its own level of pixel inversion problem

Else about the cables I got this morning, I can confirm that's not the cables here,

I got one Belkin cable (this one is 15cm shorter than the supplied one, 1.8m), and one Cable Matters, and both are producing the same bugs seen with the supplied Amphenol DP cable.

At least I can only confirm they both works at 2560x1440 and 144Hz, but nothing visually better, you can catch lines if you look for them

Whoever recommends to change the DP to get ride of issues is just lying, must remember to not read all the pages of a thread at overclock net hehe.

Level 7
I ended up returning my monitor and replacing it with a new one and the problem seems to be gone now. Under the new monitor is says manufactured date is October 2014.