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PG278Q Vertical Lines / Pixel Inversion / Inversion Artifacts

Level 7
Since the other thread does not provide pictures of the problem and is about a "3D Mode", this one brings pictures of the problem and does not affect only the 3D Mode, it happens most of the time in-game and frequently

How to reproduce the test below

resolution: 2560x1440
browser used: Google Chrome
game used: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Test1: Browser Test

In this test I'm maximizing the browser, I'm connecting this link, clicking 'Next' to be positionned on 'Current: 1' and moving the browser's horizontal slider from left to right and right to left repetitively. You will notice the lines on screen:

Test2: Fullscreen 2560x1440 In-Game Test (the refresh rate does not matter)

They are more difficults to notice in a fully rendered game for a movie to catch them, your eyes will see them, as in the video below where I'm catching the Steam overlay to briefly flash with this lines effect

In the above video you will notice at exactly 8.525sec. this:

Here is a closer look of what is happening, managed to record my taskbar showing vertical lines as it is the best reliable place I could find to reproduce the problem, notice in the video below the green pixel lines, they are the one I'm able to see

In the video I'm minimizing/maximizing repetitively the browser test (explained previously) to show the lines (better seen in the video)

Zoomed taskbar without vertical lines:

Zoomed taskbar with vertical lines:

Zoomed taskbar Video:
You clearly notice some lines of pixels are no more colored uniformly, when the pixelized picture is shown, some are colored green and they are gone when the picture is hidded, this is the vertical lines effect zoomed to max I can

Since the other thread did not get a reply except a user sending it units to Asus and Asus replying they did not catch anything bad after stress testing it, what could you answer on this ?

Not complaining, I love this monitor but I would like to know if it is a special problem of MY monitor or a major problem affecting all the units ?

logzz wrote:
The last two pics show it perfect the in game ones. I believe it is a widespread problem.
Its exactly the same on all four monitors I have tried. Production date July, July, August, August.

grahnen wrote:
Its exactly the same on all four monitors I have tried. Production date July, July, August, August.

4 monitors? Wow, i also have the problem and was about to RMA it (iave to pay 70 euros to send it back to Italy since Asus support Greece won't do anything about it), this is very discouraging

Level 7
Thanks for that. As much as I thought. The people that say they don't have this problem I think they do and just have not noticed.

Level 7
So my inversion problem doesn't seem to be as bad as some, but it is becoming more noticeable, especially in games like Warframe, where suddenly things look like a checkerboard pattern when moving quickly.

As far as I can tell, my inversion issue is limited mainly to things in motion. The tests at Lagom and Techmind produce no errors with static images in full screen without scrolling (image 7b on Lagom turns Purple, until I start to scroll), however, the inversion test on Blurbusters with things in motion produce quite a bit. The moving box has moments of flickering and then returns to normal, where the inversion uniformity tests flicker like mad.

Outside of these issues, I've had no problem with dead pixels and backlight uniformity. The color has been great, and I'm using an ICC4 profile. My manufacture date is July 2014.

So I'm going to guess that this issue isn't yet a "problem" that Asus or others have addressed?

Level 7
I'm starting to think it's "working as intended"

I'm getting it intermittently as well. Started playing WoW today and it starts after about 30 minutes of playing. If I exit out, it seems to go away after a bit. Only the left half the screen (exactly half) and they are vertical lines of distortion/color. So frustrating!

Anyone found a way to make it go away after it starts?

Level 7
I got a PG278Q today from Microcenter Mft Sept 2014 and I'm seeing some serious flickering issues in Shadows of Mordor badly.

Opened a ticket with Asus and will let you know.

Level 11
This monitor seems to have too many issues for my taste, I was hoping on getting one soon maybe in a few months things will improve ..
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Level 7
Do yourself a favor and do not buy this piece of ****. Honestly, for a 800€ device you would think to receive a good product with first class service. What you receive is most likely not going to work well and the service is so low that I am deeply disapointed now.

Level 7
Yea this monitor sucks big time, if I had any idea about this inversion **** I would have not bothered with it. Anyone thinking of getting this for 3d vision stay well away. And don't trust what reviewers say. Im pretty much 100 percent certain they all have this inversion problem. Asus don't want to know about it or they would have made a statement by now. Asus motherboards are good I can vouch for that but as far as im concerned all their other products for me are a big no no