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PG278Q turning back on by itself?

Level 7

I got this new monitor a couple of months back, and I have noticed it seems to be turning itself back on after I have shut the PC down and turned the monitor off. At first I thought I had just forgotten to turn it off, but it seems that wasn't the case.
I upgraded from a PB278Q so I used to just turn the monitor off with the switch after shutting down the PC, and never had any issues with that except for the odd occasion where I forgot too 🙂
With the PG278Q, it seems to always turn itself back on and end up in standby. Other than that the monitor is great, and a massive improvement in games for smoothness and quality (colour being the only disadvantage).
Seems this is not an isolated occurrence as I have seen other reports of this happening, but I haven't come across any fixes? Anybody had any luck with stopping this?

Level 7
Well it seems to work fine if I turn off the computer and just let the monitor go into standby, take about 30secs to do that. Just weird the it doesn't turn off and stay off like the PB278Q does.

Turns out the AC adapter won't hold 19v at low load (either standby or off) and the voltage just fades away. Even on standby it now it will eventually turn off, and in that state I can't turn on the monitor without unplug/ replug the AC from the adapter. It does or did spike and reset the Adapter as I even saw it come back on, like full restart the monitor as it does with the logo at first boot which I guess is what was happening when I was first turning it off manually.
Now running the adapter on my laptop and it has the same issues coming out of hibernation the adapter doesn't kick in until I unplug / replug the AC, and the laptop adapter on the monitor has been working fine, hasn't dropped out of standby yet. Both adapters are 19v/ 4.74a 90w with the same 5.5/ 2.5 dc plug.
Will try and get the AC adapter exchanged early next week, as it clearly has an issue, why it has the issue is all that's of concern now, as the symptoms are not isolated. Although the Asus adapter does allow the monitor to function when you do get it turned on, I'll put it out there, could this possibly be contributing to some of the other issues being reported ?

Nico67, did you end up getting the adapter replaced? I had the exact same issue as you. After a few weeks of that, the monitor began not turning back on at all unless I unplugged the adapter from the wall socket and waited 20 seconds then plugged it back in.
I contacted ASUS support but they want me to take my entire monitor in for inspection even though it's clearly a problem with the adapter.

Level 7

Level 7

I've had this same issue. I sent it back to ASUS via RMA. They replicated the issue, then replaced the motherboard in the monitor and tested, apparently everything was fine. It took about a month to get it back, get it home. Same issue happens again, I have called ASUS and they want me to send it back.. again. I have asked for a replacement power supply and said people on the forums are getting the same issue, they still want me to send it back and mess me around more. They refuse to send me either a replacement monitor or power supply.

I swear I will never buy or support ASUS again the amount of messing around I have had to do for this monitor is ridiculous. Again, I have to send this monitor back for them to investigate what they still think is the motherboard.

Level 7
I am getting this same problem. After being off for a length of time, the monitor does not come back on itself (it loses standby mode). It needs to be unplugged and plugged back in. I have also noticed it resetting itself while in standby on occasion while PC is off. I think there is a problem with the power adapter.

Level 7
It seems to have been fixed for a lot of people with a new power supply - so it's the $20 power brick at fault, not the $1000 monitor - which is a relief, but seriously ASUS should be on top of this and issuing new power bricks for it without any hassle. Not good enough.

Do you know how to get a new adaptor?

I am currently suffering from the issue now. Began with the monitor not turning on unless I unplugged it from the wall, and now it has also begun turning itself back on.

Are Asus replacing the power adapters? I really don't want to send the full monitor back as it is otherwise perfect.