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PG278Q - sudden white screen of death

Level 8
So, I found this monitor in a local store and was very excited. I bought this monitor early Saturday morning and played around with it since 11am to around 9pm... then suddenly the monitor is giving me white screens of death. It first only happened when I switched to 120hz or 144hz, so I thought maybe it was specifically those refresh rates that I'm having issues with... nope. Now 60hz is doing the same exact thing.

I'm guessing it's hardware issue and not drivers at this point because now it gives me white screens before I can install any graphic drivers... I'm really sad now... was very happy for most of the day... 😞

Level 7
Maybe Asus should stop making high end hardware till they iron out bugs from what I'm seeing it's like Asus doesn't do any QC at all or pay them 1-3 cents a day because for 900-1400 for a monitor it should poop gold.

Instead all kinds of problems from different countries are reporting so many issues it almost seems like ppl rmaing these are getting other ppl rma's of bad monitor's. Is the consensus get out S*** out the door screw Qc ppl will buy defective pos as long as 1-3% work and those don't complain we can get away with it like we did with the 24" monitor we put out 3-4 years ago and still had major bleeding Halo burn in.

Can they not test these monitor's for defects or are they trying to grab as much $$$$ before completion comes out? Seriously if we are paying $900-$1400 for this shouldn't it work or do they need to tact on another $1000 to price tag per monitor to pay for any kind of Quality Control?

Really hope this isn't where the Asus Brand is Heading I don't mind paying the Premium for Rog but it'd nice to know that Premium actually counted toward's Quality Products. Guess you're white screen of death means you prob got someone else's bad rma. Return the monitor you spent full price on and hope your Refurbished one is better then full priced retail all anyone can tell ya

Level 14
whats the specs of your pc?

kkn wrote:
whats the specs of your pc?

- i5 2500K @ 4.7 Ghz
- 8GB Corsair Dominator GT
- EVGA Superclocked GTX 780 Ti
- 2x 126GB Vertex 3 SSD's in RAID 0
- Corsair 750w PSU
- Corsair H100 CPU cooler.

Don't think it's my machine that's causing it. White screen stays there even if I remove the DisplayPort cable. I'm probably going to return the monitor today to the store to get a refund. Crappy part is, I cancelled my pre-order after I got this monitor... I'm hoping I can not get it cancelled now.