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pg278q - so so launch so far.

Level 7
Hi all and AVE!
I was so ready to get this monitor since announcement at CES (i think) and I've read every thread with word pg278q in it, including those asking for advice for builds (well I am enthusiast after all), but now, when i read about all the issues people are having it makes me a bit worried. I do understand that majority of people who got that beast of a monitor, will not come and post "hey, i got it and it works" because it would be somewhat pointless, but on the other hand, reading that there is issues with dead pixels - and limit of return is 5 - screen tearing (not while playing), issues with nVidia drivers and display port cables makes me a bit more skeptical about getting it. I'ts still not available in US, and I assume that as soon as it is, it will be sold out within hours, and I do want to get it but man, i don't want to have issues from the get go. I expect, when paying premium price, a premium product, and that monitor will fulfill that, as long as there are no issues. I just have a bad feeling about it... oh, and not many people or reviewers talk about 3D and that interests me more since i actually played 3D game in 3D on my TV. What do you guys think, am I getting paranoid because i want this to succeed? hmm

But 4k with gsync out by acer very soon it seems:

I was thinking about it, but if pg278q is any indication of when they are bringing it to the market, i'll pass. I don't want to be waiting next few months.
"The Acer XB280HK starts shipping in Q2 in Pan America, EMEA, Japan, and Taiwan." well, we are almost in Q3 and there is no info about this monitor being for sale any time soon. 😐

dupalec wrote:
we are almost in Q3...

No, we're about half way through Q3. 🙂
System specs: click here.

yeah, i meant to say Q4... 😉 but my point stands.
Right now, I'm running 2 GTX 780, I hope that they will be able to handle 3D in that resolution with medium to high settings. I can't possibly expect to be running those 2 cards in 4k (in plain 2d) with same settings. I don't think that even next generation 880 Ti or Black ( or whatever new name scheme is going to be) will be able to handle 4k with proper high settings even in SLI (tri or quad maybe but it's out of my budget range) So for now, this monitor should be "good enough".

Level 14
the 8xx series i thing the will not run on the sale chip as the current 780's and titans does.
they wil be made on an older one im im not wrong that is.
bt google it first to be shure.

Level 7
You mean, newer one as in Maxwell? Yeah, i know. Leaked info about 870 shows that it's supposed to be as good if not better than 780 Ti, but we will see.

Fun info in Polish language - shows that PG278Q will show WHOLE SYSTEM input lag of 9 ms. They were testing it at 700 fps in GRID Autosport. It takes 1.5 ms to render 1 frame at that framerate and can be deducted from the WHOLE SYSTEM input lag. I guess you could deduct 1 ms delay from pulling rate of a mouse @1000 ms, but they didn't say anything about it, that's just my guess. There is more info to come in following weeks, more tests from them.
Another fun fact, CRT were slower on newer cards, with converter from digital to analogue. Older cards that were made with Analogue outputs in mind make CRT go faster than LCD. Another observation that i made was that it takes about 10 ms to convert digital to analogue and vice versa.