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PG278Q Power Board

Level 7
Hi guys, I have already read the information regarding this monitor and the problems with the power supply, but my problem is different.
the power supply it's ok (I've tested also with another one), the voltage output is perfect.

The problem is the Power Board:


PN: 4H.2W505.A00

but seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to find in stock everywhere...

so someone knows if there is another one that is compatible with my monitor? It was perfect and I would not want to throw it away

It started to not switch on, but removing and inserting the plug lit up's completely dead 😞

any suggestions?

I would keep an eye on ebay. This type of part can be hard to find new but sometimes people will part out a monitor with a broken LCD so these parts will become available. To help your search I would look for the specific model "PG278Q power board" and search for just the part number of the board. Sometimes sellers list just the part number if it comes from several different devices but they sometimes just list the monitor model if it was salvaged.
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