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PG278Q 144hz flicker

Level 7
So after initially replacing this monitor a bunch of times after I bought it due to pixel defects, I finally got a good one. Now, a little over a year since I've had it, I'm running into an issue where the screen flashes/flickers at 144hz. I've done all types of troubleshooting: replacing displayport cables, rolling back drivers, turning off g-sync, nothing works. The only thing that fixes the issue is dropping the frame rate below 144hz but then I get blurry text. I didn't have to look far to find that this is a common issue with this model. I already contacted customer service explaining my situation and asking them to replace it with the refresh since I had given this model enough chances, to which they replied they don't do model exchanges. I've given this model enough chances, I'm sick of running into issues with it. How can I get Asus to fix this without sending me another broken model?

Here's a video I took of the problem, hopefully you can make it out:

Level 7
Here's another guy with the same exact problem:

He says in the comments that he had to keep RMA-ing before Asus sent him the newer model and he hasn't had any issues since. I just want to skip the bull**** and start with the solution that has the least likelihood for failure and one that'll waste less of my and Asus' time...