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PG259QNR dont turn off. ?? / PG27VQ lines on screen again

Level 7
Dear community,

i have a really strange problem with my PG259QNR. If i turn off the monitor, it wont turn off. It looks like it turned off but only the backlight is gone but the panel is still working. I can see whatever i do on the PC, even videos are shown on screen.

I only noticed it cause the sun was shining very bright as i was turning off my monitor, so i was able to see my desktop on a turned of monitor. If i remove the AC its totally off.

Isnt that strange af? Does anyone know what it could be?^^


After more than 20yrs of Asus-fanboying im kinda unhappy with Asus. I also had lines on my PG27VQ - i got a replacement in july this year but the replacement monitor has now also lines on screen and it needs to get replaced again - after 3 month as 2nd monitor with almost no runtime at all. I mean each of these screens are almost 1000$...

Im really happy that i bought a 3090 KINGPIN instead of Asus this time.. I have so many newer Asus products that im worry about now.

I hope that i just was really unlucky with all 3 monitors..

Thanks for reading ❤️

Yeah, that sounds like an internal issue. The power button isn't triggering a complete shutdown. I would RMA.
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