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Pg258q , within acceptable terms?

Level 7
I am back mates ,

After all this Pg248q endless rma's that couldn't solve the issues , Asus decided to give me a refund and a really appreciated this , so i decided to buy again an Asus screen.

This time i chose the fastest model , Pg258q and indeed it is! I also have no issues with moving artifacts , scanlines , gsync bottom tearing etc... as the Pg248q had.

I can say that overall i am happy but i expected better from uniformity , i don't know if i got a bit unlucky or this is what to expect from this panel.

Here's a pic of a black screen :


What i really see is that the middle-left side of the panel has a more dirty hue , tint and the left top is noticeably brighter than the right side.

I won't hide it , i expected better according the tft centrals uniformity tests that didn't show something like that and i am annoyed but also i am very tired from the continuously pg248q rma's..

Is this acceptable for the price i paid? Am i exaggerating? Is this something that is common?

But why i cant get a right manufactured tn panel nowadays?