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PG258Q - Pixel Inversion issues (vertical scanlines/artifacts)

Level 7
After a not so good experience with a PG248Q which I ended up returning (arrived with a stuck red pixel and, most importantly, had persistent horizontal scanlines above 120hz), I ended up buying a PG258Q around a week ago.

Unfortunately, this one has some obvious pixel inversion issues that are bothering me quite a lot.

They are not persistent lines as the horizontal ones that plague the PG248Q and only appear while I´m gaming - especially when there´s a lot of movement and on certain colors on the screen (grey, brown, greens, foggy areas seem to the be the more affected ones). They are more evident when gsync is on (which was one of the reasons I bought this screen) and the FPS are on the low side, but they do appear even when gsync is off and on high fps/hz (although maybe a bit less).

This is very frustrating because it is supposedly a high-end monitor. I went down the ASUS ROG road instead of other cheaper brands because I thought the quality would be better. I do not consider myself a very annoying/picky customer (just to let you know, my previous monitor was an ASUS 60Hz IPS screen that arrived with a dead pixel, but I didn´t bother with it).

Are there are any other forum users who have this model? If so, can you confirm if you have the same problem or not?

This is an issue that seems to be affecting a few users as I found out by reading in another Internet forum. I´m not sure if it is a batch problem or a design flaw, but I can´t imagine how people can live with it. Especially at this price level. I´m also wondering if it is covered by warranty - and if it is, if there´s a high degree of probability of having a new monitor with the exact same problem...