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PG258Q Monitor issues

Level 7
I have a ASUS PG258Q that just recently started acting up. The first thing I noticed is when in sleep mode it rotates through many different full color screens. Then once out of sleep mode it generally boots up with the Light in motion level 0-3 box prompt at center screen. If I click the menu knob this prompt will usually go away but the red monitor under light turns on, the screen will only function correctly with this red under light on. When I try to get to main menu using the menu knob the screen flashes red, then Republic of gamers black screen logo. The only menu I can consistently reach is the top left corner box that starts with module type… and goes down at the bottom with selectable boxes for burn in pattern, factory menu, unsupported timing retrain (reboot after change.) I can check or uncheck all these boxes but it makes no changes. The one time I was able to get to the normal menu I hit reset to factory settings but didn’t solve any issues.
I have tried unplugging both the power and data port cables multiple times.

Any assistance much appreciated!

Level 7
Hey, I am having the exact same issue with the same monitor! I am thinking its a hardware issue and im SOL

Just wanted to check and see what you ended up doing with it? Thanks!