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PG258Q Bugs report

Level 7
Hello Asus , i have to report some bugs that i faced using this model.

I have used 4 units so far from different batches and production dates. 2 of them were refurbished (that you sent me) and 2 of them completely new.
The refurbished ones were manufactured way before my new screens that purchased from the store , this screens had 0 bugs but panels black uniformity was UNACCEPTABLE + scratches everywhere so i just couldn't accept them.

Both the new screens i tried had some software bugs and thats weird because on the later models is supposed to get fixed and not to create new ones.

So here it comes , on the unit made in May 2017:

1) Sometimes when i was turning on my screen i was getting this bug , which some of the right sides picture was appearing at the very left as well O.o !!!
The pic is without a signal input but it could happen when gaming or using normally my pc as well...


The solution was to Disable the Deep sleep setting of the Display port within the Osd

Ok , so basically only 1 bug hah? I had to rma though because it suffered from clouding this is when i tried the 2 refurbished ones that wasn't good at all in terms of panel quality. After that i got a refund and tried a new one again as a last hope , i asked from the store to bring me the freshest they could.

I got a unit made in October 2017 which is pretty new i , i was really happy that i could actually have the most "improved" pg258q i tried so far but NOPE this came with even more bugs:

1) The led of the screen is red when the gsync module is ON right? So when i turned off the display and then on the gync couldn't engage back (white led) even if i toggled it from the nvidias control panel , entering a game ended by losing DP signal and the led was blinking orange unable for the gsync to get back on as it should! The worst part is that it was happening sometimes even when i was exiting from a game. The only thing i could do to get the gsync back working was to unplug the power cable.....

Solution : I had to disable again the Display Port Deep sleep within the OSD

2) I got the same bug as my first screen did but i was lucky enough as the solution was already the same with my first bug

3) Changing sometimes the refresh rate in game ends up with a horizontal line in the middle and in order to fix it i have to turn off/on the screen.

So this is how the most expensive 240hz monitor is? I know that i have to keep this one because it doesn't have clouding issues which is kinda rare but i am really disappointed from the quality of Asus.

* Rma'ing for a new one i guess would end up with the very same bugs at the time + Russian roulette on the black uniformity of the panel...