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PG-48UQ problems (Return or Keep)

Level 7

i just bought a the ASUS ROG PG-48UQ.
I had before a Samsung G9 Neo which wasn't perfect at all but right now it feels like i have even more problems.

1. Problem
If i use the Displayport cable the sound of the speaker makes a huming noise.
With the Bios V26 the Problem is almost fixed at least when no sound is playing they kind of mute the speakers now.
The Problem is still there if you play silent Music you can hear its making noises buzzing in backround.
(I used EXTREME Expensive Displayport cables and also Fibre Optical Displayport Cables the Sound ist there on Displayport.)
On HDMI its fine ...

Im not sure if this Problem can be fixed or it is maybe it's a bad electrical construction problem what can not be fixed by software.

2. Problem
Black Screen after about 4 hours for about 6 minutes ... without any warning even worse after those 6 minutes you need to turn it off an back on before you get a picture.

3. Text quality is bad ...
Around the text is like a realy bad shadow, i am not a expert about this but it looks almost like
the BAD example on the Webpage of ASUS (on the right picture) almost worse than that


4. Problem
Sometimes the display starts to flicker at 138Hz and on a few parts of the first pixelline i have artefacts showing (just the first line of the top pixelrow and only about 2cm or 3cm long.

I have a few days left before the 30 days free return ends.

I read already that alot people of the PG48UQ and PG42UQ buyers have similar problems ...

What should i do ... it his just normal and those problems will be fixed?

Level 7
just a short example but its also in White Backround und Black Text


5. Problem
If i use the Monitor Driver White changes into a kind of yellow in Windows Photo Viewer.


Another Example of Text Quality


Level 11
The humming issue is also present on the PG42UQ. Good to know that they ****ed up both of their premier oled display and not just one.