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No signal after testfails.Solved

Level 12
I have just recently got the PA329Q 4K monitor and I have noticed that it automatically sets to 4K resolution but if a test fails then I lose signal to monitor and have to completely reboot rig to get screen back. ( blue screen with box saying No Signal)
This happens at 4K using DP or HDMI cables, if I switch to 1080p the test can fail but I still have monitor and can then just reset test.
This also happens in games when sometimes they crash back to desktop, except at 4K it crashes screen and rebooting is the only way to get it back.
I don’t know if it’s a conflict with gpu/monitor but it happens using Titan v / or 2080ti ?
Not sure on how to stop this happening, maybe something I’ve not set up right?
Has anyone any idea what might be going on?**

EDIT solved, reinstalled screen driver.*