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My PG278Q monitor is about to die i think - 2 months post warranty - Worth repairing?

Level 7
I got this monitor on the 29th august 2014, with 3 years warranty. Well, a little over 2 months post warranty, it seems to be displaying the first signs of imminent death.

A white horizontal line about 1-3 pixel thick appeared on the top of the screen, going from the top middle to the top right corner. A little thicker, on the right corner. The luminosity of the line is not constant but varies slightly. I guess i could live with that one.

Unfortunately, there are also some horizontal white lines appearing semi-randomly on the top right corner of the monitor. They seem random but are somehow affected by me moving around my browser window or any other window for that matter.

At first, i thought that it might be the graphics card, but pulling the DP cable from the monitor, the white lines remain, with the monitor showing the asus logo.

Understandably, ASUS greece cannot help me with this at all since the warranty period is over. Bad luck i guess. What's not so great is that i cannot even send the monitor in for repair at my cost, so i will have to look for some repair shop.
But before venturing down this path, i thought i might ask first if anyone has an about idea what is the most likely cause of those horizontal white lines. Any estimate on the cost of fixing this?

If it's too much, i might rather go for a new monitor as this one being 3 years old, i might run into more issues later, but if it is less than $200 i might give it a shot.

here are some photos showing the issue



Level 7
Well, something real strange happened.

I played around with different hz values, and at 100hz the monitor seemed to show the least amount of random while lines appearing. Less than at 60 or 120hz or 144hz.

I left it at 100hz and went to sleep and when i woke up this morning, the horizontal while lines were completely gone. Even at 120hz the monitor works fine now. At 144hz i do get lines still, but that's good enough for me if it remains that way until i can finally get my hands on the upcoming 200hz VA 21:9 displays.

My monitor is alive it seems and regenerated itself while sleeping. 😄

Level 14
ASUS overclocked the 120Hz-rated G-Sync module and stuck a bigger heatsink onto it. I think that would be the first part to fail in the monitor. If it runs hot at 144Hz then you might be able to "fix" it by repasting.
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