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Monitor does not wake after sleep (intermittent)

Level 7
I have just purchased a new PC and a new ASUS ROG PG279.

My monitor goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes (as per my Windows 10 Power settings). Mostly I can wake the monitor by moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard. But sometimes the monitor will not wake up. I can tell my pc is still working, for example if I was using itunes last, then pressing spacebar will resume playing music, but the monitor remains asleep. If I disconnect power from the monitor, and reconnect, then the screen reappears normally.

The problem does not seem to happen when my entire PC goes to sleep (after hours of non-use). It only seems to occur *sometimes* after short periods of non-use.

Some things I have tried:

  • In Device Manager for Mouse and Keyboard, under Properties->Power Management I have checked "Allow this device to wake the computer"
  • In ROG Monitor Settings I have unchecked "HDMI Deep Sleep" and "DisplayPort Deep Sleep"

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Level 9
Do you still have this problem ?
I have the same issue and the only way to get the monitor back on is to reboot pc so far.

I have tried plugging into other computers and have tried different cables no fix.
I have two PG258Q screen with this fault.

Yes I still have the same problem. And I can't figure out any pattern, it just seems to happen randomly. Very frustrating. If you figure out a solution please let me know.

Press the top menu button on the back of the screen, after pressing it takes about 5-8 seconds and its alive 🙂
I struggled like you guys to find it out.. turned it on and off all the time

That has no effect for me. All it does is bring up the Monitor menu, still no screen until I disconnect the power and reconnect.

When I bring up the menu it says "No HDMI Input detected", but clearly there is HDMI input being sent, because when I disconnect the power from the monitor and reconnect, the screen displays immediately.

I think I'll have to raise a ticket with ASUS.

Level 7
Known issue with the power supply on my PG278Q. Replaced it and problem solved. Search Google. Problem is a week later and I have lines allover the display and blurry text. Another known issue.....monitor f*#ked.

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For those still looking for a solution to this problem.

Turning off the deepsleep function in the monitor menus has fixed it for me.

I've had this problem occur multiple times over the past week, even with deep sleep turned off. I've even tried updating the displayport firmware on my video card to see if that would help, it didn't. This is pretty frustrating considering how much I paid for this monitor, and that I've only owned it for about a month. For now, I've just disabled that power saving option in windows. Has anyone managed to come up with a better solution?

Level 11
Same issue here, Ive had mine for quite a long time and the only way I can get mine to wake is by switching input to HDMI and back to displayport, very frustrating!
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Hello guys! I found a good way to fix this problem! I bought recently ASUS ROG Strix Hero III and this problem occured! So all you need to do is:

1. Right-click on the Start Menu, then choose "Device Manager" from the Quick Links menu. If you're into keyboard shortcuts, you can also type Win+x, then the letter 'm', which will do the same thing.
2. Scroll down the list of devices until you see "System Devices". Click on the chevron to expand this list.
3. Find the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface. Right-click on it and choose "Disable" or "Disable device".

That's it. You don't have to restart your computer, the changes will go into effect immediately. To test if the fix was effective, you can close the lid of your laptop, wait a few seconds, then re-open the lid. Your screen should flicker back to life.

Here is the original website: