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Monitor displaying black screen when switching to 60+hz

Level 7
I am using an ASUS PG27UQ montior, as of today randomly out of no where my monitor went black. After some checking it appears every time I set the monitor to 144hz it turns and stays black. Along with this the whole monitor is effected including the monitor's OSD. As a result I cannot switch the monitor back to 144hz unless I connect a HDMI cable to the monitor which automatically switches the monitors input to HDMI which then allows me to change the refresh rate back to 60hz for my display port connection where it works fine as you can see in the video. Also I have tried testing with other refresh rates such as 100hz, 120hz etc and the same problem still occurs, so essentially I can only use my monitor in 60hz which is quite ridiculous for such an expensive monitor.

Also my PC has an RTX GPU, I have tried changing the display port cable and using a different display port on my PC to no avail.