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Light in Motion not working or sound from built in speakers for PG348Q

Level 7
Hi, I have just purchased the PG348Q and am unable to get either the light in motion function or built in speakers to work.

Light in Motion - Screen works fine but I do not get the light in motion logo displayed from the bottom of the stand. In the screen menu there is the option to set it to Level 0 (which I assume is off), Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 (which I assume are increasing brightness), no matter the setting nothing is projected from the bottom of the stand.

Built in Speakers - I have tried sending sound to the monitor using both Display Port and audio cable. I can see the sound bars in windows moving to indication that something is being sent but I never hear anything from the built in speakers. I've set volume to 100% at both the PC and from the build in menu of the monitor.

I suspect I have a monitor with 2 faults but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on anything I might have missed before requesting a replacement.
Thanks in advance.