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Large pixels on 24.5' PG258Q

Level 7
Really like the smoothness and colors on my new 240Hz screen, but can now and then see areas of large pixels, like a grid of pixels, when moving around, but not when standing still. It's almost like the pixels "freeze" for a micro-second. Anyway to fix this? Or is there something wrong with the screen? Read reviews about the monitor but not seen anybody complain about large pixels or seeing grid areas of pixels.

Played Guild Wars 2 in a huge boss fight with many players, probably pushing my 6700k (4.6 oc) beyond it limits, and then the whole screen almost froze completely and could see its entire grid of pixels.

When the screen is all black, right before it turns off completely, one can also see a 4-5 mm border of backlightning at the edges and some backlightning one third into the screen from the left, an area about 15-20 high. Is this normal?

Have gsync set to full screen and refresh rate to 240Hz in Nvidia control panel. Vsync off in games, but on in Nvidia control panel. Tried with RivaTuner set to 238Hz, but then uninstalled it. The screen itself is set to 50 % brightness, 60-80% contrast, gamma 2.2, OD normal, dark boost none, no blue light filter, and Racing as GameVisual. Grid areas of pixels occured less often after changing GameVisual to Racing.

Finally, just got a new Steam controller today, using gyro to aim, but it stutters a lot in a game like Rise of the Tomb Raider, while my Xbox Elite controller is totally smooth, so is there a conflict between gsync and the Steam controller?


Gigabyte 1070 mini
i7 6700K 4.6 oc
Samsung 850 Pro 500 gb ssd (half full)
16 gb ram
Maximus VIII Impact Z170 mITX.

I've not heard of this as a monitor-specific issue (usually artifacts are from the GPU) but I'd try experimenting with different refresh rates and possibly trying a different connection. Like 120hz over HDMI.
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Ok, but are you sure that it's not just the size of the screen - 24.5 - which makes the pixels larger and easier to see, compared to a 24' monitor? Additionally, all edges on objects look a tiny bit more "grainy", like AA is slightly reduced. I kind of suspect that none of this would have been an issue if the screen had been 24 inch.

I thought you were saying whole blocks of pixels were smearing or freezing. If you're talking about single pixels then perhaps the dot pitch of this display is just a bit larger than you are used to. That would mean you could potentially see the "grid" between the pixels. Also note that in order to get super fast refresh times most post-processing effects are disabled so it's possible that you're used to a display that favored image quality over speed. Without seeing specifically what you're experiencing, it's hard to tell.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

I mean areas or blocks of pixels, like when sliding down a sand dune in Nier Automata and everything look smooth and then suddenly an area of maybe 5x4 cm of pixel grid can be seen on the sand dune, for a micro-second, while sliding. Usually see it in bright areas, like the sky for example.

The graininess or reduced "AA" is only visible, all the time, when sitting 30-40 cm from the screen, but not 60-70 cm.

Not sure. You might have to wait for another owner to comment on visual clarity/graininess at high refresh rates.

As to the blocks of artifacts that does sound more like a GPU thing but it could be a display thing I suppose. I'd probably try experimenting with various settings such as gsync off to see if I could narrow the conditions under which it occurs.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Okay, thanks for help so far. Appreciate it 🙂