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It just stop working, what to do?

Level 7
ASUS RoG Swift PG348Q

For months I had to turn it on and off and on in order to connect with PC, tonight it is gone for good......

Video card is OK, plugged PC on my TV via HDMI and is working perfectly, try the same HDMI cable on monitor and nothing . Of course I have tried all ports on monitor, something...nothing

On Menu at top says - No DP input detected

My guess is that the board where the ports connect is dead.

label in the back says 2016, is that something that ASUS take back for repair???

You can contact support to ask to see if they still do repairs on this model. At this point it will be out of warranty. So if they are still able to repair it you will have to pay out of pocket. Personally I would recommend looking for a PG348Q with a broken panel on Ebay and swap the parts yourself. It will probably be cheaper than having ASUS do the repair.
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