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Is this normal or not? ^^ PG279Q

Level 8
Hey guys'n girls, i have this very strange thing with my PG279Q that whenever i start the monitor, for the first 2-5 minutes i can see the pixels very clearly... .. and efter the monitor got "warmer" it kinda melt in more and it looks fine... it's even worse if i start a game and it's put under load for the first minutes and the monitor is "cold" as i see it xD

it's like you can see a pixel and a smallsmallsmal white space between next pixel... and this is over the whole screen.. like they not melt together...

but after about 5 minutes this is all gone and the picture is clear as it should..

is this normal and why does this happen? i have the latest driver update aswell so... basicly i do not know what to do next ^^

Please help me! ❤️ 🙂

Level 13
I caant say if its normal or not, I never turn my monitors off. Just leave them in standby.

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Level 8
Well yeah.. that is also an option ofc 😛 not sure that you should have to do that for it to look normal right off the start thou xD

Level 8
just tried to have it in standby for like 30 min untill it got cold again... and now it's the same.. seeing pixels... and as i said, if i'm in a game... it gets worse when i move, when i'm standing still and the picture aint moving it gets better... but when i move again it comes back... it's like instead of being a good smooth color, you can see small small small pixels.. =/ and it almost looks abit faded at a point.. but as i said earlier.. after like 5 min.. everything is perfect and it never comes back.. untill the screen gets "cold" again... because if it's warm and i turn it off and back on... it is still fine ^^

Level 8
Aaaanyone? 😛

Level 40
If you have imbibed hallucinogens....enjoy the show!

If not...return the monitor...that is not normal

Level 8
Sometimes i wish the problem was that easy to solve aswell xD
I will return the monitor then and see what they say! 🙂
Thanks for your respons!

Level 8
Doesn't sound normal, this is the first time I've heard of this. Can you take a picture/record a video?

Level 10
Can't really understand what you're seeing sorry. Can you post a picture/video?

Level 14
Is the room really hot, really cold, or really damp and humid?

Sounds like something wrong with the logic board or the power module. Usually dead or dying caps, a problem which is likely to get worse over time.

Sounds like an RMA unless it's out of warranty and you can arrange the repair yourself.
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