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Is it worth buying an PG279Q

Level 7
I'm in the market for a new monitor and was looking at the PG279Q, but after seeing some of the problems/complaints here. Is it a lottery as to get a new good one or are they all as bad as one another.
So as title really is the £750 better off staying in the bank?
Secondly have the issues with SLI and G Sync been sorted or is it again its a lottery.

Level 7
No idea on the SLI front, the issue I had with the 2 monitors I tried was ulmb not working properly @ 120Hz. I wouldn't say the monitor is worth the £750 tbh (or even the £700 that I paid for mine before I sent them back for refund), but I've been waiting a while now to get a new monitor and this is the one I want, so I still plan to buy another. I am just going to wait a few more weeks so that Asus can hopefully sort out their issues and try again, and maybe get it a bit cheaper too.

Level 7
hi all bit off topic but can anyone recommend a good 144hz 1080p monitor ideally 27'' was looking at the acer predator (has g-sync) and ben-Q Xl2720z (does not have G-sync), btw ive got a gtx960 I know 144hz is overkill for my gpu but will 144hz still look better than 120hz even if fps is around 70-80
stumpy6317 personally id go for the older pg278q and save £230 as ive seen them an amazon for £500 btw the pg279q is on amazon for £730 not a bit saving but it'll get ya a few beers

Level 7
Was about to order one the other day, but rep informed me that they had a lot of returns, so I kept my money in the bank for a few minutes more berfore plumping for the Acer Predator XB270HU.

Pimpdoobie as for the older PG278q as its a TN panel its a non starter. if it was an IPS then no issue I would have bought one.

Level 7
Do NOT purchase the PG279Q, they are still shipping with defective panels. Its a disaster.

Level 9
I was thinking about getting one in a year or so time, since I still have the PG278Q in hand.

I purchased it in October 2014, of course I did had to get it repaired like last year Aug-Oct sometime and thought put up with this monitor until the PG279Q fixes itself up over time in a year or so.

But if things still go wrong with it by then, then I guess it means I either have to go with Acer one then.