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Is Asus going to recall rog swift pg279q?

Level 7
I was going to buy this monitor but after looking at reviews everywhere, which all report huge light bleed problems and dead pixels, I gave up.

What is Asus doing to fix this fiasco of having $900 monitor be of such low quality?

Level 9
Most likely they will just keep making the monitors and letting the users RMA all the broken ones for them.
Eventually the defective panel issues will be fixed with time in manufacturing. I just got one where the entire
panel is perfect and have minimal BLB on the top right bbuuutttt the entire top half of my monitor has the
yellow tint issue with a white background. this one I ordered from newegg, I will be returning it to them.
I just found a store thats near me that has them in stock. I will be heading there shortly to pick one up.
I'm going to see if I can test it in the store after I purchase so if its defective I can exchange and see if the
other one in stock is any better.
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