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Interested in the Swift, negativity is a turn off...

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So i'm potentially interested in the RoG Swift, but the negativity surrounding this monitor is absolutely staggering, like out of this world. Comments ranging from a supposed ''diabolical'' quality assurance/control, warning about consumers ''beta-testing'' supporting the ''R&D'' for Asus.

I've been wanting to buy one since last year, but eventually I have gone with a BenQ 1080p 144hz G-Sync, and eventhough it has very high build quality everything reliable and zero issues. I still find the idea of RoG Swift as a product to be quite attractive for its 1440p 144Hz and G-Sync.

Now I'm hearing anything beyond 2014 december build date should be more reliable. Are there any manufacturer dates from 2015 onwards?
I would like your opinions on what you would do if you could purchase the Swift all over again. Wait for a revisioned v2 and updated firmware including a price drop? All the Swift owners are denying the possibility of a stealth revision v2, but I have hard time believing considering the nature of monitor manufacturing and how almost every company does that.

Its a shame I didn't pull the tricker back last year when I was interested, but with all the negativity surrounding it, Asus pretty much lost me to BenQ. I'm happy with my current screen, but still curious what it could have been like if I went with the Swift.

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The QA was so horrible because Asus just pushed out every monitor they had instead of keeping them back to meat demands. The Swift was/is a very successfull monitor considering how expesnive it is compared to other gaming monitors and how much they have actually sold for that high price. Since the demand went down they can now probably have a better QA which is not rushed hence why so many people say that tje line from December 2014 is better.

Would I buy the Swift right now again? Yes, but only because of the lack of alternatives and its a phenomenal 1440p monitor when it works. Would there be a G-Sync monitor that was the same/just as good as the Asus I'd immediatly drop the Swift (if I of course wouldn't have bought one already) and buy that one just because the lack of QA for a 700$ hardware is just outrageous. Thing is, Asus replaces the monitor without issues so that's a big plus because they know they ****ed up. I bought mine in January and the build date is October so I am waiting for the day he dies. Hopefully this will take a while so that I'll get a model in the future which is actually stable. I highly doubt there will be an entirely new revision. Better build quality and QA? Yes, most ccertainly but a new revision is much more than that and I think Asus is very happy with the current Swfit (minus the defects of course).

I personally could never go back to a 1080p and non Gsync display. Once you actually have seen and played with a Rog Swift you can only go to another monitor which is equivalent or better. So when an 1440p, IPS, Gsync panel comes out, wake me up again:)

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The quality control on this monitor is garbage. I got mine less then a week ago with a manufacture date of Jan. 2015 and it is messed up already. If I hadn't read all the history about it and it failed, I would just chalk it up to a bad panel (Hey it happens). But because of the history with this thing, I'm not taking the chance and am getting a refund. Now I'll just wait until somebody builds a good one. I don't want to repeat the same complaints that you've no doubt read already. I'll just attach pictures. Shame on Asus. Shame. Used to be a loyal customer, have 4 asus monitors, and have purchased several others for friends. This will not be happening anymore.

If Asus would at least make some sort of statement regarding these problems saying that they acknowledge what is happening, it would be different. But anybody who talks to their customer support gets the default response of: "Oh, we're so sorry. Send it in for a replacement/repair. We value you as a customer and want to make it right." - which is great, BUT.... How about answering our questions of "What is going on with these issues, have they been resolved?" or "What is the plan to make this right going forward? Have the newer serial #s going out addressed this stuff?". They do not respond to these questions.

All they offer is a replacement and no explanations. How can anyone confidently send their monitor in for replacement and not be worried the whole time that it's just going to happen again.

Again, I like a lot of people in this forum love (Used to) asus and want more then anything for this panel to be as awesome as advertised. But we need to put our fan boyism aside and tell this company that this time they really dropped the ball and need to make it right. At least talk to your customers. And PLEASE do not respond with "Mines fine, this thing is great." You know what? It is great when working right. I'd be happy too if mine still worked. But I'll tell you "My monitor is perfect, bummer for the rest of you" people something. If you are sitting there thinking your perfect monitor will stay that way you are being naïve. It's not like you panel was built with anything different then mine or everyone else who has a problem. That worry alone makes this panel no where near worth its price.

Anyway, I'm just really mad so I'm ranting. I'm done now. Don't buy this monitor. Just look at my pictures......






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Don't buy it stay with benQ for time being, SLI in 3d does not work with this monitor, mine has the inversion problem which I can notice quite a lot and I have had strange problems with gsync flickering and this has nothing to do with going below 30fps my rig gets well over 100fps in all games maxed out. I have RMA'd mine just last week due to these problems and also the bottom bezel getting very hot. They said they replaced the main board in it as soon as I got it home it fixed nothing. Next week I will be asking for a replacement. And if the replacement still has inversion I guess I will just live with it. If you are not interested in 3d gaming I would take a look maybe at the new acer 1440p gsync monitor, 3d was my only reason for buying the swift and due to the inversion the experience is not great

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Hi Cetren thank you for your responce... and damn sorry to hear. Makes me sad to see such dissatisfaction for a potentially incredible monitor that unfortunately seems to have failed to deliver.

I've seen many sorts of defects with the Swift all over the internet. This is why I just cannot bring myself to purchase it. Tbh, my greatest fear is the pixel inversion, wich actually seems to be an intrinsic part of the way the panel works, and not an actual defect.
Noticeable vertical/horizontal lines on a screen would be a major deal breaker to me, at least the way user reviewers describe it. A panel should look clean or else whats the point of a high resolution picture clarity when its covered up in this supposed ''vertical lines'' or ''pixel inversion'' problem.

As for the bottom bezel getting hot, that sounds quite concerning. My BenQ does have a G-Sync unit, but stays very cold, so it could be the reason it gets so hot is due to the thin bezel? I don't know what compromises Asus may have made by making the Swift so feature packed.

I'm actually no fan of any 3D gaming. I've heard about the new Acers, but I hated the glossy look of that panel, its looks just doesn't mirror a high build quality.
Guess I'l stick with my BenQ XLG for the time being, the reviews on it are full of satisfaction and almost 100% positive, granted its also more low profile screen compared to the Swift. Its just the screen feels slightly small to my liking, and I could have liked the 1440p more.

Why doesn't Dell start to chime in on the Gaming monitor market? I haven't seen any 144Hz Dell screens, I would probably purchase one instantly if they came up with a 1440p 144Hz IPS high profile gaming monitor.

Well, I was really upset when it started happening, but let me digress a little bit here. I think the issue you are seeing with mine is not the same as what everyone else has been having. I have seen a monitor do the exact same thing as mine is doing at my work, and it was not an Asus, or a gsync. So based on that, I think it may just be a coincidence that mine failed, but may not be the problems that were apparent in the earlier monitors. It may still be true that panels made after dec 2014 are okay.

Also, with mine, I can make the problem go away with an "encouraging" tap to the back of the panel which leads me to believe that this is a loose connection or something. I am typing this on it now, and it looks perfect.

That being said, it still reflects on quality control problems. If asus would just respond or reply to some of these threads and tell us what is going on, my attitude would be different. For example, if someone were to come on here and say " Hey, this is joe from asus. I wanted to tell you that we fixed the issues that the early monitors were having, and your problem was just a bad luck of the draw and an unrelated issue." I would actually believe them and take a shot on another swift. I have not seen reports of the newer ones having the most common issues, so maybe they fixed something. I also currently do not see any pixel inversion on my panel or any of the other commonly complained about visual symptoms.

But since no one from asus wants to clarify anything, I just don't want to take the chance. They are also extremely quiet when it comes to other issues as well. My panel is always in gsync mode(red led always on) since the last drivers(Pretty sure this is just an NVidia driver issue and not a physical defect). It also will sometimes not be recognized until I reboot the computer and just display a blank screen.

So, I guess I would still say stay away. I never really liked Acer, so I think I'm just going to wait till someone else comes up with a 2560 X 1440, 144hz gsync.

Asus, you still have a chance to make this right and not loose a customer. Just freakin' say something!!!!!

(edit) Oh, and I didn't notice my bezel getting hot at all either.....

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You have every right to be upset. I would be as well for a high priced premium gaming monitor.

You say that you recently bought it, and its a january 2015 build. What precautions could one take to get a post 2015 build? I guess if one ordered from a shop that is out of stock, thats the way to get a most recent build?

Also I've been hearing alot how 144Hz is taking a toll on the specifications of the Swift, apparently the GPU doesn't downclock either. This sounds quite concerning as well and would be a deal breaker for my system that is build for efficiency. My current BenQ XLG downclocks the GPU perfectly fine at 144Hz and idles at a cool 26c, what about the Swift?

And yes my biggest concern is the pixel inversion when ''2D'' gaming as I said, and Its a relief that your january 2015 build doesn't have it. And I will not be doing any 3D gaming anyway, probably ever.

Don't think I'l purchase one anytime soon though, unless somehow I can take precautions to get a one manufactured with a post 2015 build date.

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Yes, mine says January 2015 and the serial number starts with F1L. It's going back tomorrow.

ctren wrote:
Yes, mine says January 2015 and the serial number starts with F1L. It's going back tomorrow.

Good luck, and let us know if you have had better experience with a new one, or perhaps a different monitor alltogether. 🙂